Discover the infinite potential of exhibiting at the top event into the world’s gateway for the Vietnam Aviation Market

Vietnam’s aviation sector ranks the fifth amongst ASEAN countries, one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world, and the purpose of the Vietnamese’s government supporting this exhibition is in its plan for aviation in the future until the year 2030 and this will be Vietnam's pioneering Aviation Exhibition.

By the year 2030, Vietnam’s aviation stakeholders will plan to work on many projects and this includes the maintenance equipment upgrade for 23 domestic & international airports, improving in international MRO, investment in pilot training, aviation academy, launching the Seaplane manufacture factory project. Besides that, the amount of passengers travelling by airplane will be increased by 30% in the next 5 years. With the increasing air traffic and business people coming to Vietnam , there is an expected larger investment in Airportconstructions, Aviation Academyexpansion, Air Traffic enhancements, Aircraft maintenance, Logistic, Overhaul Capacity, Satellite and Service Development. 

With this, the Vietnam Ministry of Transportation, the Civil Aviation Authority Vietnam, the National Traffic Safety Committee strongly support and cooperate with the Vietnam Aviation Association Science & Technology to hold this exhibition in introducing to other countries about the Aviation market in Vietnam. 

Participants will be exposed to:

  • The no.1 Business platform
  • Experts and thought leaderships from all facets of airplane lifecycle
  • Promote your project and solutions at the leading aviation expo
  • Solution providers offering a wide range of services, tools, technology and expertise
  • Networking opportunities  that connect them with the full spectrum of the aviation industry
  • Forge new collaborations with key decision makers

Enhance your brand awareness and gain opportunity to develop your business on international scale