Conference & Technical Seminar

Our theme for 2019 is Connecting the Skies welcome the participation of prominent aviation ministers and respected professionals to share their experiences and success stories, about present and future global trends, with attractive sessions and topics that aim to bring useful specialized information, contributing to sustainable development of the Vietnam Aviation Industry.

VIAexpo 2019 Conference & Seminar topics as below:

·         Airport Market in Vietnam

·         Introduction about International MRO in Vietnam

·         Safety & Security (Air traffic, academy…)

·         Technique / Engineering / Maintenance (engine, seating, Refurbishment…)

·         Aviation Vietnam Tourism & Culture

·         New aviation technology, products

·         Ground equipment

·         Catering

·         Filming on airplane

·         Moderator

·         Seaplane Manufacturing Project for Vietnam Aerospace Industries

·         Panel Discussion (Q & A Format)

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