A sponsorship can deliver increased awareness, brand building and propensity to purchase in your target market. At VIAE, we offer various tiers for potential sponsors to choose from to help provide exposure to their brand the best way they see fit.


On-site Branding Opportunities

Exhibitor Lanyard Sponsor - $ 10,000
Company name on lanyards , which are distributed to all attendees with your company’s branding

Visitor Lanyard Sponsor - $ 6,000
Company name on Visitor lanyards , which are distributed to all attendees with your company’s branding

VIP Lounge Sponsor - $ 25,000
This is an exciting and exclusive opportunity! Only one generous company receives the honour of becoming the sponsor of this year’s VIP Lounge. Sponsor the premium space, and the lounge will be named after your company! Prominent signs will also indicate that your company is the one who made the lounge possible. 

Exhibitor Badge Sponsor - $ 5,000
Company name on Exhibitor badges , which are distributed to all exhibitors with your company’s branding

Visitor Badge Sponsor - $ 3,000
Company name on Visitor badges , which are distributed to all Visitors with your company’s branding

Canvas bag sponsor - $ 10,000
You’ll get “carried away” with this sponsorship - literally! These bags live on well past the event. Attendees will use the bag at the event and then take it with them. Included in the sponsorship:  Conference bag will include your logo along with the VIAE logo
•    Ability to include a piece of collateral inserted into the conference bag (Sponsor is responsible for production of collateral and shipping and handling to show site. 
•    Please note, literature inserts from other sponsoring organisations and miscellaneous registration materials will be inserted into the bag as well. 

Canvas Bag Tags Sponsor - $ 10,000
The attendee bag tags can be embossed with a company’s logo which are then distributed with the attendee canvas bags over the four days of VIAE to the 10,000+ attendees that are expected to attend.

Delegate Pens Sponsor - $ 5,000
The pens inserted into the delegate bags and distributed to the 10,000+ delegates that attend VIAE over the 3 days can be branded with a company’s logo.

Networking Dinner Sponsor - $ 20,000
A favourite of all attendees, the evening networking dinner reception features an open bar and great food where attendees can mix and mingle with their industry peers. The sponsor will receive signage at the entrance of the event, at food stations and at the bar, as well as recognition in the name (“sponsored by YOUR COMPANY”)

Wifi Sponsor - $ 3,000
Be the company that makes it possible for attendees to stay connected and catch up with the office and home by sponsoring Exhibition and Conference WiFi. Your sponsorship will be promoted in conference  and exhibition materials that tell attendees how to connect.

Charging station lounge Sponsor - $ 3,000
Opportunity to customise a universal charging station with your organization's brand and messaging.
•    One (1) charging station with partner branding applied to the table surface and sides (Partner may opt to provide custom full graphic or logo.); 
•    One (1) Graphic Sign located near the lounge (partner to provide art); 
•    25-word Corporate Description on the event web page

External Signage Sponsor - $ 10,000
Place your brand in front of every visitor while they make their way to Vietnam International Aviation Expo. Large posters and Flag Signages that light up the walkways with your company’s logo

Carpet Sponsor - $ 10,000
Opportunity to feature your company all across the exhibition venue with our carpet branding. Also your logo as our carpet sponsor on website and event collaterals

Registration Sponsor - $20,000
Located at all the main entrances to VIAE are registration desks where attendees collect their badges and/or register for the exhibition and conference. 
Branding these desks ensures attendees that pass by the registration and information desks over the four days see your company’s brand.

Thank you for your interest in VIAE 2019 sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.