A Thank you Letter and Note to All Exhibitors

Dear Exhibitors, Visitors and Delegates,

It has come to our attention that there has been a lot of rumors pertaining to our show which has resulted in uncertainty as to whether it is authentic.
VIAExpo 2019 which was held on the 20-22nd of November 2019, is organized by Phoenix Expo Asia Co.,Ltd and had taken place in Tan Son Nhat Pavilion Convention Centre.

The exhibition started out as a joint venture between Phoenix Expo Asia and GK Wintron, which is currently hosting a similar event on the 26-28th of November.

GK Wintron is an ex client of ours turned partner when we approached them regarding the interest to run an airshow in Ho Chi Minh City. A joint venture agreement was signed between both companies, with GK Wintron. A website (www.vietnamaviationexpo.com) was purchased in January and the logo was designed by Phoenix Expo Asia.

Upon execution of the event, we quickly learnt that GK Wintron was unable to deliver upon what was agreed with us in the joint venture. Our team at Phoenix had made various attempts to arrange for meetings with GK Wintron to mediate on the issue, even suggesting to fly in and run through our joint venture agreement, but they were either turned down or cancelled on the last minute. At one point, GK Wintron had even cancelled the show without our approval and informed Tan Son Nhat to drop the space booking. GK Wintron even wanted to remove Phoenix’s logo from our collaterals, which was not part of the agreement.  As sales had already proceeded and talks with GK Wintron were stagnant and unreceptive, Phoenix Expo Asia made the executive decision to proceed with the event.

An event license was applied by Phoenix Expo Asia on 24th of July 2019 and our company continued marketing the event. Shortly after, we were informed by our clients that an organizer had approached them regarding a similar event, and a website (www.vietnamaviationexpo.vn) was found containing logos, designs and copywriting that were copied from our original website. We were informed that the organizer had accused us of stealing, robbing, and cheating for our show, and that we had stolen their customer list to market our event.

We would like to make it known that these accusations are false. As per what has been shared above, VIAExpo 2019 is real, and had launched on the 20th as promoted. This event is real and is recognized by the Office of the Government, Vietnam. The event was opened by government representatives, including Former Deputy Director of the Government Office’s Department 1, Mr Nguyen Van Hiep.

Phoenix Expo Asia is currently taking action against the false allegations that have been circulating for the past few months, we believe in and welcome healthy competition and are disappointed with the accusations that have fallen onto us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our exhibitors who have participated in our event and provided us their support. We are glad to have received constructive feedback at our show and we look forward to improving our event. We are looking to settle this matter as soon as possible and strategize our next steps moving forward.

From all of us at Phoenix, thank you for attending our show, and we hope to be in touch with you all again.

Phoenix Team